Our canvases are amazing and for so many reasons. We custom print each and every canvas, including the sides, using the giclee print process, then stretch the material to real wood stretcher bars or gallery wrap bars. We have three different canvas materials, three sizes of bars, and additional finishing options to make your canvas unique.

Matte Canvas

Matte canvases are printed with an aqueous printer and must be finished with protective spray. 

Satin Canvas

Satin canvas is the most common canvas media that we print to. The material is strong and has a nice sheen without being too shiny.

Silver Metallic Canvas

The metallic finish is not the ink, but the canvas itself. Silver metallic canvas looks best with black and white prints, images with pearl tones, and in modern decor. The final product has a shimmery glow.

5/8" Stretcher Bars

Stretcher bars are usually used for in-frame use. Since you don’t see the sides, most of the time the edges are left white. While stretcher bars can be stand-alone pieces, we don’t recommend using them for large canvases as they don’t have the strength of 1.5″ or 2″ thick gallery wrap bars.

1.5" Gallery Wrap Bars

1.5″ gallery wrap bars are great for gallery wrapped canvases or they can also go in frames. They can be used on a variety of sizes, however we recommend stepping up to 2″ thick gallery wrap bars if the overall size exceeds 30″  x 30″. As always, when in doubt, our team can assist with the final decision!

2" Gallery Wrap Bars

2″ gallery wrap bars are big and strong and perfect for both large canvas gallery wraps and small tabletop pieces. Because of their thickness, 2″ bars are commonly used for small, tabletop pieces in lieu of a traditional frame. We recommend using them on anything exceeding 30″ x 30″, however they can be used on all gallery wrap sizes.

Finishing Spray

Finishing spray is used mostly on matte canvas, but can add protection for any of our three canvas types. We always spray after the canvas has been stretched and the ink is completely dry.

Gesso Brushstrokes

To make a canvas look more like a painting, our in-house artists add gessoed brushstrokes to canvases. The gesso dries clear and are applied with the same strokes the original was done in.

Wall Buddies (Hangers)

No Cost with Canvas Purchase

Wall buddies are designed to hang frames and canvases easily and efficiently. The graduated sawtooth setup allows for you to adjust your piece even after it’s been hung. Simply mark your wall where the arrows are denoted on the wall buddies, level the 2 marks, and hang!

Claw Hangers

No Cost with Canvas Purchase

Claw hangers are similar to wall buddies, but are used primarily on small pieces and do not have the graduated sawtooth design.

Floating Frames

Canvases can be framed traditionally, but they can also be finished with floating frames for a dressed-up look. The image to the right shows a silver metallic canvas with a 1.5″ gallery wrap finished with a silver floating frame. 

Standard Frames

Canvases on stretcher bars typically are made for standard frames. While glass is an option with this finish, framing a canvas eliminates the need for it.

Tabletop Canvases

Tabletop canvases are essentially mini-canvases wrapped to 2″ gallery bars. They can be done in any canvas type and are a modern alternative to a basic table frame.

There are essentially 4 ways to finish the sides of a canvas. The first is to leave the canvas color. The second is to use a color on the sides such as black or pick a color from the image. An image-wrap is the third way to wrap a canvas and a mirrored edge is the fourth way. Either way you go, we can send a proof before a decision is made.

Solid Sides

  • White Sides (Canvas Color)
  • Black Sides
  • Color Picked From Image

We recommend that solid sides be either very dark or very light. Medium-toned colors can take away from the image and detract from the overall piece.

Image Wrap

On an image wrap, the image is used on the sides which means that  2″ – 4″ from each side will be wrapped around the edge. Some images do not lend the space for this kind of wrap, which is why we also created the mirrored wrap!

Mirrored Sides

Faux Image Wrap

A mirrored side or faux, image wrap takes the sides of the canvas and mirrors the edge to give the appearance of an image wrap, but without losing image from the front. This is our most popular choice for canvas gallery wraps.