There are so many frame shops to choose from, but few of them stock moulding, can cut in-house, and offer custom sizes in frames, liners, fillets, mats, glass, plexi, mounting materials, and specialty items. We can take a job from start to finish with printing, finishing, framing, and delivery or shipping. With our wide variety of options, it’s best to swing by and hand-select what you want, but we can always send mockups of ideas created by our framing pros. 

Basic Black Frames

Custom Frames

Floating Frames

Shadowbox Frames

Metal Frames


Mats come in many colors, sizes, and textures. You can go with a basic black or white, or get creative with museum quality mats made of leather or canvas.

Faux Mats

Faux mats have become increasingly popular as alternatives to standard mats. Basically we have a custom technique where we leave a white “mat” (border) with an interior silver “bevel.” Most people can’t tell the difference and it allows for most sizes. Faux mats work best with silver metallic paper, however they can be done with any kind of print media.


  • Standard Glass
  • Reflection Control Glass
  • Conservation Clear Glass
  • Conservation Reflection Control Glass
  • Museum Glass

Plexi / Acrylic

  • 1/8″ Standard Acrylic
  • Museum Acrylic

Hanging Wire & Wall Buddies

Wall buddies (pictured) are a two-point hanging system perfect for spaces prone to slipping. These are typically only used on large or oversized pieces, but are available in lieu of hanging wire upon request.