Does Technicraft offer packaging services? Yes, we have many different packaging options from gift wrapping to shipping boxes and tubes.

Does Technicraft offer shipping services? Not only can we ship your projects and artwork, but we can package them for you too.

Can Technicraft deliver my job to me? The Technicraft Mobile makes free stops in the Peoria area, but can travel further upon request (cost will vary). Otherwise, check out our shipping and packaging options for alternative ways for your items to get from our shop to your hands.

Does Technicraft handle installations? Yes! We are the install pros. Our teams can handle almost anything that we produce and can even move pieces that were previously installed. Check out our installation page for detailed information.

How do I pay for my job? If you have an account with us, simply follow payment instructions you receive on your invoice. Otherwise, payment is required upon completion of your job. We take cash, checks, and credit cards. 

Do you offer gift cards? Absolutely! Gift cards are perfect because of how custom our work is. You can call and request that we mail the card for you or you can come in and pick one up in person!

Do you offer templates for banner stands and display prints? Yes! Click here to download our templates.

What if I have a project for something not listed on your site? We have so much custom projects come through our doors. Bring your ideas in or contact us to see what we can do!

What kind of file should I upload? The best files are those that are print-ready. PDFs are usually the best to work with, but we take everything from Adobe files to Microsoft Office files. Download our file guide for detailed instructions.

CMYK or RGB? Either are great, but if you are concerned about color, request a proof first or talk to us about color matching (especially for brand consistency).

Does Technicraft color match? We have a fantastic team of color pros and can color match anything from fine art reproductions to brand tones. However, we do not color match unless we are instructed to do so by the customer. If you are unsure about how your finished product will look, you can request a proof prior to printing. Please remember that computer screens are not 100% accurate of a finished product and print mediums will cause slight color variations.

My photo was printed and it doesn’t look like it does on my computer screen. Now what? We want you to be happy with your finished product, so first, ensure that your computer screen is calibrated. Part of that is checking the brightness of your screen as well. Our screens are calibrated to our printers and are pretty spot-on. Another thing to consider is the print media choice – no two papers or vinyls will look the same when printed. And as always, when in doubt, request a proof!

Can I see a proof first? We usually like to send a digital proof prior to printing. You may also request a printed proof which is an additional fee, but can be very helpful for checking colors and tone.

How long does Technicraft keep my files? While we try our best to back up artwork, we have no guarantee that we will have your files forever. You may order a CD or bring your own USB once a job is finished so that you have a copy. If you would like us to archive your artwork long-term, please ask us about your options!

My artwork was scanned by Technicraft years ago and I had another print done, but the color is different. Now what? When we scan in artwork, color matching is part of the process. However, we match to our current set of printers and paper which can all change over time. While we do not frequently change equipment or media, your work may need color matched again down the road. 

What happens if my work has been printed and there is an error in the graphic? Once your work has been uploaded and printed, we can make changes and reprint, but the customer is responsible for the mistake. We never change files without instructions to do so from the customer. You can request that we review your file, but once a digital proof has been signed off on, the customer is liable for changes.