Since the Summer of ’69

They were the best of times. Technicraft was founded and the journey towards global (or at least local) domination had begun. Almost 47 years later and here we are, a Peoria establishment, still on the journey to showing the world who we are and what we do.

It’s the quest of a small business – to rely on word-of-mouth and building relationships to maintain a foothold in the local marketplace. To this day, we still hear people say “I didn’t even know you guys were here!”

So, what exactly is it that we do?

  • Design – we have graphic designers, fine artists, and photographers who know the ins and outs of color, layout, and creating print-ready files.
  • Print – while we print many different types of media, our specialties lie in wide format digital prints and fine art prints. We also handle bond prints, copies, business cards, promo materials, posters, and more.
  • Display – this is our longest and most extensive list. We are a custom shop which means that we can create just about anything you come up with including frames, canvases, tradeshow build-outs, mounted prints, magnets, and banner stands (to name a few).

That’s about as general as we can get with our services, but what we do doesn’t necessarily define who we are. Who are the people at Technicraft you interact with?

We are a family-owned tight-knit group of people who work together every day to put together unique, hand-crafted projects. Our hope is that every single person will walk out of our store feeling warm and fuzzy because, truly, we are a team that values edification and connection above the bottom line. On the flip side, we hope that our customers, clients, and friends hold up the other end of that relationship – and it is a rare occasion when that doesn’t happen.

With any business, growth is a key factor of survival and because of years of wonderful customers, we have done that and more.

If you have never worked with us before, please call, email, or come by and become a part of our story. No project is too big or too small. As one of our customers (and friend) put it, “Technicraft treats my small business like a fortune 500,” and we will be sure to do the same for you.

Nothing is Too Small

Many people see our work around Central Illinois – murals, canvases, vehicle graphics, etc. – and begin to associate Technicraft with large-scale projects. And that’s great because that’s what we do, but it’s not all we do.

In between the interior decor renovations, oversized artwork displays, outdoor banners, and mass printing, come the jobs where we have to put our minds to work and come up with creative solutions to unique demands. We have done just about everything from recreating vinyl album covers to wrapping a wooden stand to look like the side of a house. Each project comes with its own quirks and intricacies and we LOVE it!

Every aspect of the work that we do here every day has something interesting about it, but the smaller-scale projects usually pack the most punch. Nothing is too small to bring in – in fact, we hope you bring us an idea that we will never forget.


Installation at the Proving Grounds

There are so many great aspects to an art-based business, but what makes them even better is when we are able to work with amazing clients. We have worked with Caterpillar for many years creating interior displays that make their brand brilliant and give employees a visually appealing workspace. Our most recent project was for the Peoria Proving Grounds cafeteria and it did not disappoint.

We decked the walls with custom, hand-wrapped canvases and added a bit of abstract flavor to Caterpillar’s already stunning equipment. To see images of the work and get ideas for your own space, visit the project portfolio page.

Welcome to Our New Site!

Hello all and welcome to our new and much improved site! Many of you are probably thinking, “wait, didn’t I JUST see a new Technicraft upgrade,” and you are correct. We revamped our website not even a year ago, but didn’t feel that we quite hit the mark. So, we took a hard look at the direction our company was headed and decided to do a complete overhaul – brand included.

We kept some aspects of our brand in tact while changing others. For example, you will notice that our site is very blue. This is a nod to our original color from the 70s when we were known as TRC (Technicraft Reproduction Center). We just so happen to love the color blue so while the past brown and green tones were fun, we are sticking with tradition on this one.

The {T} is still everywhere though. Find it on signs, vinyl decals, shirts, cards, and everywhere else you might imagine a logo to be. No, it is not a T for Tom (our president and fearless leader) – it is a T for Technicraft!

We hope that you enjoy our new site and if you don’t, please send us a message and let us know why. There will always be changes and upgrades in the future as that is the nature of business, but feedback helps us help you as quickly as possible.

We’re happy you stopped by online, of course you are always free to stop by in person as well.


The Technicraft Crew