Welcome to Our New Site!

Hello all and welcome to our new and much improved site! Many of you are probably thinking, “wait, didn’t I JUST see a new Technicraft upgrade,” and you are correct. We revamped our website not even a year ago, but didn’t feel that we quite hit the mark. So, we took a hard look at the direction our company was headed and decided to do a complete overhaul – brand included.

We kept some aspects of our brand in tact while changing others. For example, you will notice that our site is very blue. This is a nod to our original color from the 70s when we were known as TRC (Technicraft Reproduction Center). We just so happen to love the color blue so while the past brown and green tones were fun, we are sticking with tradition on this one.

The {T} is still everywhere though. Find it on signs, vinyl decals, shirts, cards, and everywhere else you might imagine a logo to be. No, it is not a T for Tom (our president and fearless leader) – it is a T for Technicraft!

We hope that you enjoy our new site and if you don’t, please send us a message and let us know why. There will always be changes and upgrades in the future as that is the nature of business, but feedback helps us help you as quickly as possible.

We’re happy you stopped by online, of course you are always free to stop by in person as well.


The Technicraft Crew